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Tough Nut primarily contains cosmetic grade walnut shells, castor oil, and mineral oil. There are no harsh chemicals or abrasives to dry and irritate hands.

Yes! Tough Nut is a heavy-duty hand cleaner that is tough enough for commercial use, but safe enough for use at home.

No. Pumice is porous volcanic rock that, when used in hand cleaners, can cause tiny abrasions that are damaging to hands. Tough Nut does NOT contain pumice.

We are so confident that Tough Nut is the best hand cleaner on the market that we guarantee a better clean or you money back- no strings attached.

Tough Nut has a light, clean smell, unlike other commercial hand cleaners. 

Yes. Tough Nut removes tar, glue and so much more. Tough Nut customers use the hand cleaner to remove grease, oil, dirt, soil, resins, auto paint supplies, and rubber cement from hands AND tools.

No. Tough Nut is biodegradable, water-based and solvent-free. Tough Nut contains only the best natural ingredients, including heavy duty grease busting emollients and walnut shells.